2013 Another Fabulous Year!

I can’t believe it is already 2014 and once again I am putting together a blog post about the year that was.  I enjoy doing this at the beginning of every year as it not only gives me the opportunity to look back and reflect on the wonderful places I’ve been and the gorgeous people I’ve met, but also gives me the chance to say thank you to all the amazing couples that have chosen me to capture their special day.  Below are images from each wedding that I have had the pleasure of photographing in 2013.  They are in chronological order, and sorry but there are a lot of photos.  Enjoy!


9 comments on “2013 Another Fabulous Year!

  1. Your style is beautiful and timeless. So many great images in this post. From the looks of it, you’ve been just about everywhere. Totally jealous!

  2. Way to capture joy in every image. It looks like 2013 was an amazing year!!!

  3. There are so many beautiful images. What an amazing year it was for you and your couples!

  4. Wow, what a great year you’ve had! Just beautiful! Hope 2014 is just as great!

  5. So many stunning photos here! I am obsessed with all of your wide shots, you photographed some gorgeous places. 🙂

  6. So, so, so beautiful. I think one of the most striking things about this set of photos is how much FUN your clients are! Scrolling through this set of photos made me so happy. This looks like a lot of happy clients! Great work, Nora.

  7. SO many incredible and beautiful vistas that you have shot in this past year. Your processing is so soft and pretty… LOVE. Congrats on 2013, cheers to 2014!

  8. Such awesome imagery. You clearly rocked 2013’s socks. Love it.

  9. nora Post Author

    Thank you so much for you comments. It means a lot x

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